Consulting Services

Consulting with your practice shouldn't be our way. We partner with our practices to strategically design and implement systems that work best for your office. We will identify problem areas and work side by side to develop training and solutions. Here at Mack Consulting Group we have the expertise to give clear guidance that will result in immediate results and long lasting returns for your business.

Staff Placement

Struggling to retain staff? Sourcing the right candidate can be very stressful! Let us help execute the recruitment process. We will find qualified candidates to join your practice. Let us do the sourcing for you. We will post the job description, conduct the initial phone interview, followed by a in person interview with either the OM or Dr. and we will repeat this process until the we find the right candidate.

Operations Consulting

Let's sit down and review the systems that work best for your practice. We will provide manuals, assist with HR, develop patient forms, staffing, onboarding systems and much more.

Credentialing & Insurance Analysis

Understanding your insurance contract is the start to a healthy bottom line. We will thoroughly analyze these contracts and ensure your properly credentialed in order to evaluate if there is a need to increase fees or negotiate current contracts.

Treatment Coordinator

Here at Mack Consulting we understand that the TC position is vital to any practice. We work closely with your TC to make sure they fully understand the psychology behind sales. We teach how to effectively influence decision making, relationship build and capture the patients trust in order to aid in converting the sale. We will customize a sales funnel and set your TC up for successful conversions.

Scheduling Coordinator

Working 1 on 1 with your scheduling coordinator is an intensive training. We train on how to effectively schedule, gain new clients and what it means to set the tone for the patient experience. We will provide a manual to help with scripting and missed appointment protocols.

Financial Coordinator

Understanding how to effectively collect 100% of your treatment cost is vital to the health and growth of the practice. We will work closely with your Financial Coordinator and provide scripts, letter templates, and provide a step by step process of how to collect and follow up with patient balances. This position will also be provided a manual that will include a multitude of information pertaining to the financial coordinator duties and responsibilities, dismissal processes, and protocols.

Marketing Plan

We will customize a marketing plan that works both in and out of office. This program will help you maximize opportunities within your office and help you bring brand awareness from within the community.

Let's Chat...

Let us customize a plan that works right for you. All of our packages include:

  1. Initial onsite team workshop
  2. 2-3 onsite training sessions
  3. Weekly prescheduled trainings
  4. Manuals
  5. Scripting

and so much more. Contact us today to get started with your FREE practice assessment!